A Guide To The Best Recurve Bow Brands Today

When in the market for a recurve bow, there are a lot of excellent options served up by some really impressive manufacturers. In fact, a simple search through internet reviews will serve up to 10 different – all impressive – recurves from different brands.

This article is just an off-handed guide to the best recurve bow brands that should be considered by anyone looking for a new, proper recurve bow.

The brands listed here all differ in history, approach, design and many other ways, but what is most important is their similarities – they make excellent recurve bows. So, here we go.

Bear Archery

Often regarded as the pioneers of modern archery, this brand is one that no serious archer can ignore. Founded in 1933, the company began making bows in 1938 and has only improved in quality since then.

It is currently owned by Escalade Sports and operates as its hunting supplies division.

The bows they make are quite pricey, but the key here is value for money. One of the finest and most impressive recurve bows on the market is the Bear® Grizzly which has earned wide acclaim from just about every quarter.


One of the most popular brands, Hoyt has been around for over 80 years now. Their love for archery can always be seen in the staff and how they go about business. They’re not just recurve makers and sellers, but they’re enthusiasts too.

Their competition recurve bows are a mainstay of Olympic athletes. In fact, in 2012, all gold medalists at the Summer Olympics employed a Hoyt recurve bow. Impressive? Yes.

Their status as one of the world’s leading recurve makers is set to be maintained for much longer. Two of their most popular ones are the Buffalo and GameMaster II.

Martin Archery

This entrant into our list of the best recurve bow brands started out in 1951, a brainchild of a family of Archery lovers – the Martin family. The Martin Jaguar and Martin Saber are two of their most important products.

The brand is known internationally, and their bows can easily be found in use in dozens of countries. In fact, to expand operations, they bought Damon Howatt Archery in 1976.

The durable construction of their recurve bows as well as its shooting accuracy all of which is still priced reasonably, makes this one of the best brands out there.

Co-founder Gail Martin is an inductee of the the Archery Hall-of-fame.

Samick Sports

Many aspiring archers start out with the Samick Sage, an impressive bow from an impressive manufacturer. Samick sports is not as popular as many of the other brands here but still, it is one of the nest bow makers. The attention to detail on their bows help to nurture love for archery in beginners.

PSE Archery

Pete Shepley birthed PSE in 1970 and despite being a specialist in making compound bows, they have also made some very fantastic traditional recurve bows too.

The Tucson, Arizona based bow maker is responsible for the PSE Blackhawk and it’s whole 60 inches of archery excellence and accuracy. It is both useful for hunting and target practice and is priced low enough for every pocket.

Predator Bows

The most popular name in take-down recurve bows is Predator bows, founded by Ron Pittsley and Mike Hoadley. They started out in the late 80’s with the aim of providing replacement parts for bows and other archery stuff. Expansion got them here and excellent work got them on this list.

The Great Plains

How about a company that focuses on traditional bows and archery equipment, this is one. Known as the Great Plains Traditional Bow Company officially, the company is a reflection of the founder, Bill Forman’s history. He was born in a town with rich archery history.

The founder is known for being hands-on in his approach to company affairs, an approach that shows how much love he puts into the company and which they put into their recurve bows.

Black Widow Bows

Anyone looking for some custom-made excellently-designed top-quality traditional bow really can’t look far away from Black Widow Bows. Excellent customer service and patient design process help to drive home this brand’s status as one of the best recurve bow brands.

They make some of the most beautiful bow designs in the world, fitted with top-quality strings, durable risers and some very nice details. It takes up to 10 weeks to make one custom recurve bow and deliver it, but Black Widow doesn’t mind.

Hope this guide has been helpful. The brands here will surely help any class of archer find the right bow for themselves no matter the variables like budget, shooting requirements and other personal needs.