Compound Bow Starting

How to get going with the Compound Bow

The compound bow is the most modern bow, which allows very precise shots. Anyone considering buying a compound should first gain experience with a compound in a bow club. The compound must be specially adjusted to the archer, as otherwise peak shooting performance can never be achieved. The compound bow is very expensive to buy. […]

Caring for your Equipment: Arrows

Correct and constant maintenance is necessary to prepare the arrows to fly and to increase their lifespan. The correct fit of the tips is important for an arrow. Since the arrows are subjected to enormous energies on launch and especially on impact, the archer must check the arrows again and again. It does not necessarily […]

Recurve vs Compound

The Compound Versus A Recurve Bow

The age-old tale of the compound vs recurve bow is one that people have been arguing in shooting and hunting circles. They all have their own ideas of what a bow should do, how it should do it, and how functional it should be. You can come to your own conclusion after reading, and it […]

Bow Types

Which Bow Type for which purpose?

What are the differences between the different bows? And what’s right for me? First of all, we must distinguish between the three fundamentally different bow types: Longbow The most original and simplest arch shape. The bow is more or less straight, the string swings freely between the nock notches. One can differentiate between subtypes according […]

A Guide To The Best Recurve Bow Brands Today

When in the market for a recurve bow, there are a lot of excellent options served up by some really impressive manufacturers. In fact, a simple search through internet reviews will serve up to 10 different – all impressive – recurves from different brands. This article is just an off-handed guide to the best recurve […]

Compound Bow Guide for Beginners

Do you want to buy a compound bow? Then you’ve come to the right spot! On this page, you will find all the relevant information you need to make a purchase and even recommendations for your new compound bow. ARCHERY WITH A COMPOUND BOW The most modern type of bow is the composite bow. A […]

Best Compound Bow Brands

Whether you’re just breaking into the compound bow world or your more experienced, you’re probably wondering what the best compound bow brands are. With so many different brands to choose from, you want to make sure you find one that will give you all the features you want. With that being said, remember that different […]