Best Compound Bow Brands

Whether you’re just breaking into the compound bow world or your more experienced, you’re probably wondering what the best compound bow brands are. With so many different brands to choose from, you want to make sure you find one that will give you all the features you want. With that being said, remember that different brands have different models that might be better than others. You want to really make sure you do your research so you don’t waste your money and end up getting a bow that’s just low-quality and not worth it. This article will go into more detail about a few brands and models that re definitely worth the investment.

Each of these bows listed will have the most important features under it, such as the length, fps, brace height, and draw weight. Not only are some of these great for kids to grow with, they are also great for both beginners and advanced users. These are the best of the best and they are sure to meet any needs you have!


Bear Archery has been a leader in the industry for a very long time and their models always get high scores and high reviews. The reviews come from both consumers and experts in the compound bow industry. They are known for releasing brand new models every year and many people love these compound bows. Some of the top models are listed below.


  • Adjustable draw length: 12-30 inches

  • Draw weight: 5 to 70 pounds

  • Perfect to grow with the compound bow user


  • 33 inches

  • 7 inch brace height

  • 330 fps

  • 80% let off

  • Draw length- 27-33 inches with draw weights of 60 to 70 pounds


Bowtech is best known for integrating new technology and improving the overall design of compound bows. They make them do what they need to without becoming too heavy or outdated. They’ve even introduced some never-before-seen technology that really enhances the entire experience. Some of the great models are below.


  • Draw length- 25-30.5 inches

  • 343 fps

  • 7 inch brace height

  • 50-80 pound draw weight


  • Draw length- 27-31 inches

  • 350 fps

  • 6.25 inch brace height

  • 50-70 pound draw weight


Diamond Archery is another top company in the world of compound bows. Their top priority is producing bows that are high-quality and have features that are top of the line. They truly have the customers wants and needs as the first thing on their minds. Some of the models are below.


  • 13-31 inches

  • 310 fps

  • 7 inch brace height

  • 5-70 pounds draw weight


  • 26-30.5 inches

  • 330 fps

  • 6.75 inch brace height

  • 50-70 pounds draw weight


Hoyt is releasing bows that have a great level of innovation. These bows have great features and are very high-quality. In addition, they have a lot of technical and tactical options! Some of the best models are listed below.


  • 15-26 inches</li>

  • 15-45 pounds for the regular</li>

  • 9-29 pounds for the jr</li>

  • Model made for women and young ladies


  • 24-30 inch

  • 331 fps

  • 7 inch brace height

  • 30-80 pound draw weight


PSE actually claims to be the best compound bow manufacturer in the industry. They are backing up this claim by releasing bows that are high-quality and built to last a very long time. A few favorites are listed below.


  • 19-30 inches

  • Weight of 3.5 pounds

  • Great to grow with the user


  • 29-31 inch

  • 348 fps

  • 6 inch brace height

  • 40-70 pound draw weight


Elite Archery is another brand that has high-quality bows in mind. They release products that have innovative features and ones that are built for the long haul. Some of the products are below.


  • 26-30 inches

  • 340 fps

  • 6 inch brace height

  • 50-80 pounds draw weight


  • 27-31 inches

  • 337 fps

  • 6 inch brace height

  • 50-80 pounds draw weight

While there are literally hundreds of brands and models out there, these are just a few of the best compound bow brands to choose from. All of these have great features and choosing any of them will be worth the investment. Having a good, high-quality compound bow can make your entire experience better, while having a low-quality one can destroy the entire experience! If any of these seem like they are a perfect fit for you, then go and see them in person so you know exactly what you’ll be getting!