Formula 1 Betting Markets Explained

Formula 1 or F1 is the most popular motorsport available. Pitting manufacturers and drivers against each other in some of the fastest single seater cars known to man is bound to be an exciting spectacle, only made more exciting by having a wager on your driver of choice to win. Below we will cover some of the betting options available for anyone new to betting on F1.

Formula 1 Betting Markets

While the available markets for F1 will differ between platforms, there are a lot of bets that will remain similar and are ideal for anybody new to online betting on F1. Below we will cover the most frequently used bets and how to use them. Betting on F1 is easy enough for anybody to do, with the below points anybody should be able to get started in F1 betting.

  • To-win bets – A straight forward bet, place a wage on who you think is going to win the race. While this is the most popular bet, the odds will vary greatly between drivers. It can a be a great bet if you are confident in a driver winning a particular race.
  • Pole position – another common bet, in this bet you will wager on which driver you believe will have the fastest qualifying time. The driver with the faster qualifying time will get pole position. It’s worth noting that this is only related to the fastest single lap of qualifying, any other laps do not matter
  • Driver matchup – an interesting bet in which you would place a wager on one of two drivers finishing ahead of the other, their overall position in the race does not matter, only that your chosen driver finishes ahead of the other driver in the matchup. E.g. in a matchup of Sebastian Vettel vs Lance Stroll if you were to bet on Vettel and he finishes in third against Stroll’s sixth, you would win the bet.
  • Podium finishes – Is the race going to be too close between two drivers to call? Podium finish bet is for you. You would win a podium finish bet if your selected driver finishes in first, second or third. You can place podium finish bets on both of the drivers you think are closely matched and increase your chances of winning big.
  • Drivers’ Championship – A wager placed on a driver that you think will win the championship, individual races are not relevant, only the points leading to a championship win.
  • Constructors championship – Similar to drivers’ championship, only with more than one driver to take into consideration. Constructors championship is a wager placed on a team to have the most points at the end of the season.

While all of the above bets should come in handy while betting on F1, it is worth noting that all of the above bets will be offered at different odds depending on a variety of different drivers and circumstances. In Formula 1 research will be crucial to making successful bets, use all the information available to make the best decision possible.