Review of Marilyn’s Diamonds Online Video Slot

The Marilyn’s Diamonds online video slot is a traditional slot game, available now for desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. The game proudly declares itself as featuring Marilyn Monroe, and indeed the legendary lady does make an appearance, but player will likely be disappointed to find out that she is hardly the focus of the game. Instead, the game is fixated on a number of precious stones, with Marilyn Monroe appearing in only a single symbol. Even her legendary skirt billowing scene is no where to be seen, leaving one to wonder why she was included in the game at all.

Regardless, the Marilyn’s Diamonds online video slot is still an interesting slot game experience, providing decent graphics and an intriguing play system. Keep in mind, however, that the game does not use a classic betting line system, instead opting to utilise what is referred to as the allplay system. This means that players are not able to select individual betting lines, which does rob the game of a great deal of strategy. Upon each spin being taken every betting line is automatically selected, without any input from the player.

Standard Play Symbols

As has already been said, the Marilyn’s Diamonds online video slot is focused squarely on precious stones, with all standard symbol designs being a gem of a different colour. These designs, although professionally done and impressive to look at, are certainly no Marilyn Monroe. The most valuable symbol in the game is a multicoloured diamond, with yellow and blue being the most prominent colours. This stone pays out a whopping instant amount of twenty thousand coins upon being matched five times.

Next in line, in terms of value, are the blue and green stones, and although a great deal less valuable still offer lucrative opportunities. Next come the orange and yellow stones, followed by the blue and purple stones, and the dark green and red stones. The game must be commended for not falling back on the standard playing card designs, which are completely absent from the game. In this aspect the designers certainly went the whole nine yards.

Bonuses And Wild Symbol

In the Marilyn’s Diamonds online video slot Marilyn Monroe appears on only a single symbol, namely the wild symbol. Her smiling face may be matched with any other symbol, creating matching sequences where none were previously possible. Her appearance is rare on the reels, however, and player may find themselves wondering if she is in the game at all.

The symbol to be looked out for is the scatter symbol, represented by the written word scatter, which will grant an enormous jackpot payout if matched the maximum of five times, and a lesser jackpot I matched four or five times. Note that the wild symbol may not match with the scatter symbol. The last bonus feature to play real money online pokies Australia is the cascading tiles feature. When matches are made in the play area they will disappear, allowing new tiles to fall in from the top of the screen. Although the player may do nothing to guide this process, it can result in multiple wins on a single spin.