Latest Flowers Touch Online Mobile Slot Review

Joining players on the reels of this Flowers Touch mobile slot are characters that at first look like they’ve just stepped out a Plants vs Zombies mobile game but upon closer inspection do take on characters of their own, intertwined with the theme broadcast on the reels of this slot game form NetEnt.

The reels are definitely in bloom with this colourful slot and with the mobile version these reels take up the entirety of the screen, to give the players all the space they need to spin the reels on their smartphones. Overall the graphics and atmosphere make the experience with these flora related reels quite a pleasant and warming one.

Taking a quick break from the theme of this slot game however there are a few rather more practical aspects to the game in play. With this Flowers Touch mobile slot this all begins with the 5 reels involved in the game itself. These reels and symbols have 30 pay lines running across them and so players do have a range of opportunities to actually complete some wins on the board. Being a NetEnt slot game at heart it can’t really come as too much of a surprise that there are also the bonuses free spins and Wilds involved in the game, tying up that end of the gaming experience with a rather neat little bow.

Growing a Fondness for the Floral Theme

Bringing flora into a slot game may at first seem counterintuitive but then one look at the little guys and gals, personified plants, on the reels will warm the hearts of most players. Sticking with this sort of approach the entire slot layout is light and friendly with bright colours like light blue and green making up the surroundings and the overall atmosphere. With the capable graphics of this Flowers Touch Australian pokies game the reels also rather pop, especially on a smartphone and this allows for some relatively immersive gaming given the platform and game involved.

Getting into the details of the symbols on the reels of this slot game are rather likely to spoil them as for the most part they seem to almost be flora unto their own, with the smiling faces on each rather distracting to the botanist side of us all. The result though is still inviting and with the easy setup involved with this Flowers Touch slot and particularly the mobile platform the game will be up and running with the desired options the players settle on in no time at all.

Digging Up some Bonus Flower Styled Features

The only real bonus features involved with this Flowers Touch mobile slot game include a few Wilds and a free spins feature. Fortunately on the mobile platform this I geared up for this slightly limited selection actually serves as an advantage in that it doesn’t overcrowd the slot experience. The free spins for instance involve up to 30 spins being won with a rather impressive 10 times multiplier, which is ample for the reels of a mobile slot like this Flowers Touch game from NetEnt.