Fruits n Sevens Online Slot Basics for Casino Gamblers

As the online casino industry continues to advance along with modern technology, so too do all the games. Many online slot games are becoming more complicated and advanced. While this may be a boon to most players, there is a huge niche of other players who prefer a slot with a more traditional feel.

This is what players will find when they start up Fruits n Sevens, which is an online slot that features all the classic imagery and game play many players have grown to love.

Fruits n Sevens is a simple and compact slot, containing 5 reels and only 3 main pay lines. All the symbols found in the game are made up of the titular fruits and sevens, with classic fruits such as cherries, watermelons, and more being part of the line up.

Thanks to simplicity of Fruits n Sevens, it is an easy slot to learn to play, and may appeal to both new players, and those players who are more seasoned. The slot is powered by Novomatic, and can be found free to play on a number of different online casino websites.

Playing Fruits n Sevens

Before spinning the reels, players should make sure to check out the pay table. The values of the symbols, the possible combinations available, as well as the general rules of the game can be found in the pay table. With this information, players will be able to enjoy the slot to its full potential.

After learning the rules of theĀ game, players can place a bet of their choice with the betting selection found beneath the reels. Whether using a paid or free version, the amount of credits available is displayed on screen, and this is where the bet amounts are drawn from.

With all bets made, players can either spin the reels manually by hitting the spin button, or choose the automatic spin option with the autoplay button.

Smooth and fast game play means players will not have to sit and wait too long for each spin to end in Fruits n Sevens. Depending on how the symbols land, and whether the jackpot was activated combined with the gamble feature, players may win up to 1000 x their original bet.

The Gamble Feature

Always a popular addition in the slot world, the gamble feature gives players the chance to add more to their winnings. After a successful round, players are given the choice to start the gamble, in which the player will need to try and guess through a succession of cards.

If the guesses are right, a large multiplier is added to the overall winnings, and is awarded to the player, making this one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative online pokies has on offer these days.

Progressive Jackpot

Fruits n Sevens features a progressive jackpot which often awards the highest winnings in the game. The progression of the jackpot can be followed in the bottom corner of the screen, and players can track all their jackpot winnings.

The progressive nature of the jackpot makes Fruits n Sevens a popular choice when it comes to other games within the same genre.

What’s the Verdict?

Fruits n Sevens will be a popular choice among those players seeking more traditional slot game play.

While features like mini games, wilds and scatters are not present within Fruits n Sevens, the game makes up for it with a progressive jackpot and a gamble bonus.