Pacific Attack Online Slot Details for Players

Net Entertainment’s Pacific Attack online video slots game has five reels and 15 paylines for players to enjoy. The slot takes for its theme the Second World War, and the heroic battles that took place around the Pacific Ocean, although its bonus is based on the timeless board game Battleship that was available for play before the horror of the second global conflict. The game is able to offer wild symbols; scatters; and the multiplied bonus spins that will increase players’ winnings by three. There is a top jackpot of 300 000 coins available for this game.

Pacific Attack can be played by MacBook users as well as their Windows and Linux system counterparts, and is also an internet-based slots game, which means that it is ultra-accessible, and requires no download. Players can take it for a spin on their lunch-breaks at work; while waiting for the bus or a meeting to begin or when they are out on the town, waiting for friends to arrive –wherever an internet connection is possible the game is theirs to enjoy.

Theme for Pacific Attack Online Video Slots

Pacific Attack requires players to don their military gear and ready themselves for frontline action in order to assist the Allied troops restore order to a world gone crazy. There are various military and war-themed icons adorning these reels, and players will be working with fighter planes; bombs; paratroopers; military uniforms and other icons reminiscent of this frightening period of human history. Players will be able to listen in to the radio scanner as it communicates strategies with which to confront the enemy while they reap the rewards of successful play: bet option sound-effects reproduce Morse code tones, and the reels’ spins whir like the fans on those fighter jets that took, and saved, so many lives.

Pacific Attack Online Slots Features

Pacific Attack allows for as many as 1 000 automatic spins, and it also presents players with a spin/stop option that will allow them to quickly bring the spinning to a halt if they wish to, and restart it when they desire to. There are a number of different customisation options available which allows players to tweak the entire slots experience to exactly fit their requirements.

Players are able to take a peep at the Pacific Attack slot game provided by making use of the feature preview button, located in the lower right-hand side of the gaming screen in order to make ready for what awaits them, and the paytable provides all the information they may require. This is accessed by means of the button corresponding to it, located on the opposite side of the game’s screen, and players can view details about the bonus like receivers of offers at; special symbols; payout details; multipliers and various winning combinations as they wish to. This is an excellent option for slots players who like to keep a firm hand on the details of play, and for those who are not as experienced as they would like to be, and still finding their feet in terms of online slots action.