5 Keno Tips – A Beginners Guide to the Game

Keno is a casino game that has gained a lot of fame in the last few years. The game is extremely similar to a standard lottery, except that it is far more frequent and involves more players and bets at once. Most online casinos will offer Keno in some form, and there are draws happening constantly all over the world.

Many turn to Keno after growing tired of the normal weekly lotteries, as Keno often can pay back more, and many online casinos will offer their players special bonuses for playing Keno on their site.

Choosing the right numbers in Keno is the most important part of the experience, and these numbers determine whether the player will walk away with more money than they walked in with.

While Keno works on the same premise of the lottery, meaning that everything is random and the chance of winning is slim for everyone playing, there are some tips that new and experienced players can follow to better their chances overall.

Keno Tip 1: Maintain A Budget

The absolute golden rule of playing any casino game is keeping a tight budget and learning to manage money smartly.

Players are always encouraged to only use money that they can afford to lose, and never any money that is vital to their well-being in some way, such as rent money.

This means that the game can be enjoyed without having to worry about going hungry in case things don’t play out so well.

Keno Tip 2: Play The Same Numbers

This tip applies to the lottery as well, and many people stick it religiously. There are a set range of numbers that can be called out in any Keno game, and these numbers will remain the same until there are new numbers.

Therefore it makes sense to keep playing the same numbers over and over, as this does increase the chances of landing a winning set.

Keno Tip 3: Play Fewer Numbers

A general rule of Keno that does not necessarily increase winning chances but does increase the payout in a win situation is playing less numbers per round.

This means that even if the player does land a few of the numbers in the set, they will still be able to cash in more winnings.

Keno Tip 4: Find Patterns

Finding patterns in a game like Keno may seem pointless, as the numbers are random, there are some patterns that players can follow.

Many online Keno lounges will use the same numbers over and over, and more often than not, a pattern will begin to emerge. Even if it is down to coincidence in the end, finding a pattern and sticking to it can increase the chances of winning.

Keno Tip 5: Playing Free

There are plenty of online Keno games that offer players the chance to play for real money, but there are just as many that can be enjoyed for completely free.

This gives players the time to learn how the game works and figure out any strategies they can use for real money games in the future.

Playing Keno Online

Keno can be found on just about any Canadian mobile casino sites around, and thanks to the automated systems in place, players can play at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, all within the comfort of their own home.

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