Discover the Basics of Elvis The King Lives Online Slot

Of all the musicians that have lived throughout the ages, there are few that gained the popularity and fame that Elvis Presley did.

Starting out as a rock musician, Elvis rocketed in popularity first in The United States, and then across the world.

Never before had one person become a such a legendary figure, and while he died at a young age, there are many in the world that believe the King of Rock actually lived on, and is still around today.

Elvis was also a figure associated with Las Vegas, and it makes sense that there are plenty of developers in the world that have created slot games based around him and his legacy.

There are few other figures in the world that make a better theme for slot games, and Elvis The King Lives is one such slot.

This multi-reel slot is powered by WMS Gaming, and features both some bonus content, and a jackpot of up to 5.5x.

Elvis The King Lives Slot’s Look and Feel

It goes without saying that most of the game is focused on Elvis and all the imagery associated with his act. This includes the man himself, as well as guitars, shoes, and more, with these all making up the symbols that have a higher value.

For the rest of the symbols, numbers and letters are used. The paytable can provide the values of all the symbols, as well as the different combinations that the symbols can be included in.

The game itself is set against a picture of Las Vegas, with the buildings and lights in the far background.

A jukebox on the far left houses all the different options and wagering selections, which is a nice touch that adds to the theme of the slot.

The reels themselves are broken into three separate sections as opposed to the one main reel set that players would find in most other slots. This is the main mechanic of the game, and provides a bit of a twist to the gameplay.

Elvis The King Lives Jukebox Free Spins Bonus

Elvis The King Lives comes with two different ways to engage the free spins bonus, and both involve landing matching symbols across the reels in various orders.

The first way to gain free spins is by landing matching symbols on reels 1 to 4, 5 to 8, or by landing four scatters on 9, 10, and 11.

This grants the player 5 free spins as well as a multiplier bonus.

The second method is the same, although more matching symbols are required. This can add up to 20 free spins and a 100x total bet that is added to the stake, so it worth keeping an eye on while the game progresses.

Elvis The King Lives also features a mini game in the form of a jukebox that players, and depending on where the item that is lit up, different rewards are given, such as extra free spins and multipliers

Elvis The King Lives Verdict

Elvis The King Lives is definitely a slot that is aimed toward anyone who is a fan of the late King of Rock.

The multi-reel mechanics and the bonus content should keep most players entertained either way.