Dragon Island Online Slot Described for You

The famous sky dinosaur is perhaps one of the most famous of the mythical creatures devised by man over the many years we have been able to tell tales. These fearsome lizards are known to breathe fire, hoard gold and treasures as well as fight and unfortunately often lose to heroic knights. In this Dragon Island slot game from developers NetEnt the theme is of course based in and around these famous beasts and presents quite well onto the reels and throughout the slot experience with some easily comparable graphics and other attributing factors. Overall this mythically inclined slot adds a degree more whimsy into the online casino industry with this fun theme.

On the reels players will encounter all manner of fearsome fire-breathing lizards as well as a set of 5 reels and some 15 adjustable pay lines. Alongside these spinning reels players will also find a selection of betting options to fiddle with leading up to the actual gaming, conditionally called setup prior to play. Overall this means that the basic structure of this Dragon Island slot game is fairly intuitive to grasp and players will quickly understand exactly what it is that NetEnt is offering as they play through the experience. This experience also comes with a set of bonuses to make the reels of this Dragon Island slot game just that little more exciting.

The Fire Breathing Bonus Features Found Here

There are several https://pokiesonlinenz.net.nz/bonuses/ features involved in this online slot game and these include two types of Wild symbols. The first wild symbol is a green lizard and can do the usual things Wilds are known for. The golden Wild of this slot however only appears when players activate the win both ways feature of this Dragon Island slot. This latter feature allows wins to be formed both left to right and vice versa, doubling the players wager to activate. There is also a free spins feature for players to find which can quite easily facilitate winning.

Quality Colours and Graphics Alongside Fearsome Dragons

There is quite a lot to do with the theme of this Dragon Island slot game from NetEnt and they have done a fair bit of this with this game. The dragon is a fearsome and majestic beast, capable of adopting a whole range of forms and colours as well as even elements through which to associate themselves, which is to say that not all of these creatures breathe fire. Behind the reels of this slot game players will notice an expansive and mountainous island with wide open waters and green forests, clearly home to these flying animals in this particular retelling. Again the graphics and visuals with this slot game are of a capable level and so players will find some good thematic action on the reels of this slot.

The border to the reels is also a factor in the theme of this Dragon Island slot game and add a more jungle like vibe to that of the archipelago one already setup. Like most thematic endeavours the symbols of this slot play a pivotal role in the whole process, not just the winning on the reels. In this slot players will find various types of dragons of course, as well as a couple of playing card symbols as icons on the reels, done up in a rather austere and simple style.