Top Video Poker Tips for All Players

Video Poker is one of the easiest games to play online, and it’s also one with the most favourable house edge. Plus, it’s not only a game of chance; having even just a modicum of skill can give you the advantage and help you win big.

No matter how experienced you are, when you play Video Poker online there are 5 essential tips you need to remember and these are a follows:

#1: Play the Maximum Number of Coins

If you place the max bet – or maximum number of coins – you’ll get the best possible return on a winning hand. If you land a Royal Flush, which happens roughly every 40,000 to 45,000 hands, you could win a whopping 800:1 payout! Even if you don’t have a Royal Flush, you’ll still get the highest possible payout for any ranked winning hand.

#2: Check the Paytable

Every Video Poker game will have a paytable that clearly outlines the payouts for each winning hand. However, every game can be different, and you should always check the paytable before you play. Often different developers have varying paytables for different variants of Video Poker, and for example, what you win in one Double Double Bonus Game won’t necessarily be the same in the other.

#3: Know the Relevant Strategy

Different versions of Video Poker require different strategies, and ultimately you need to know which one to use to maximise your winning potential. In some cases specific hands pay out more in one variant than the other, and a basic knowledge of Poker hand rankings will give you the edge in deciding which cards to keep and which to discard. Start by refining your strategy for the easier games, then work your way up to the more complex versions for maximum effect.

#4: Play for Free First

This tip applies to all top online casino nz games, not just Video Poker, but as skill and strategy plays a role in Video Poker, it is even more essential. By playing for free first you can learn how the game works, understand all the rules, what your betting options are, and how the hand rankings apply. You can make all the rookie errors you need without risking a cent of your own money, and when you’ve refined your skills you can reap the rewards.

#5: Manage your Bankroll

Bankroll management is crucial, as you don’t want to go in to the red playing Video Poker. Set a budget for yourself and then stick to it, and bank a percentage of all your winnings too. Avoid chasing losses and always quit while you’re ahead! If you manage your money smartly you’ll enjoy playing far more than if you are fraught with worry about overspending.

Bonus Tip:

There are well over 50 different versions of Video Poker online. To begin, start with classic games like Jacks or Better. Once you’ve got some experience, then you can try the more complex options, or even opt for the game that feature multiple hands or progressive jackpots.