Overview of European Roulette Gold by Microgaming

Microgaming, one of the oldest and most respected casino software companies in the world, has created a Gold Series of different table games. European Roulette Gold forms a part of this.

The graphics and sounds of all the games were given quite a major overhaul when their Gold Series versions were launched, and this Roulette game is a lot smoother and slicker than its predecessor. The rules of the game, however, are exactly the same. This makes it easy for returning players to simply carry on, and they’re also simple enough for beginners to grasp quickly.

European Roulette Gold Function and Game Play

Players can customize several features in this game, which makes the overall experiences much more personal. You can choose to download and install the casinos at which you’re going to spin the Little Wheel, or you can visit directly through your web browser.

It’s also possible to activate the Auto Play feature, which allows you to keep playing and taking advantage of every winning opportunity even when you are very busy. The betting range of 1 to 160 credits means the game is within the reach of almost every player, but it is also possible to play for free. This is a good option when you want to relax without financial stress, or you want to practice your skills before you place real money bets. To help you keep track of your gameplay, stats are easily available.

The strict authenticity of European Roulette Gold is also seen in the fact that Microgaming has ensured that it offers the same 7.2% House Edge that most land-based games do. This is mostly down to the fact that there is only 1 green panel, labelled 0, as opposed to 2 with the other labelled 00, as in American Roulette games, and makes this version a good place for beginners to start.

Available wagers include Black Splits, Red Splits and Zero Game bets, as usual, as well as Neighbour bets. These Neighbour bets are straight-up numbers wagers, requiring players to predict the numbers that will be alongside the panel that the ball actually lands in. You can bet on up to 9 options at a time, and all the staking options have their own maximum bet limitations.

European Roulette Gold Look, Design and Feel

The game recreates land-based experiences as faithfully as possible, and it is also very visually impressive. The well-rendered table and wheel easily allow players to imagine they are seated at a real-life game, and the clear visuals mean it is easy to see precisely where the ball comes to rest.

The background music evokes brick-and-mortar games as well, as do the authentic sound effects of the wheel and the ball moving. It’s also easy for players to see and keep track of the wagers they have on the table, thanks to clever animations.

Enjoyment that Grows Over Time

You should enjoy playing the high-quality European Roulette Gold game from the first time you spin the wheel, but as you practice and gain more experience and insight it should keep improving.

Different strategies and tools are readily available online, and can be applied immediately to help you develop your skills and tactics even more. You’ll get to appreciate the game in a new way, and will play better.