Placing Golf Bets with Our Wagering Guide

Golf is an extremely popular game in every country, and people in New Zealand are no different. New Zealand has some beautiful golf courses, where some of the world’s best golfers enjoy playing. The best of the professional golf players take part in tournaments throughout the year, and if you enjoy betting on golf you will find an interesting tournament taking place nearly every weekend.

People in New Zealand enjoy hazarding a guess as to the outcome of a match, and golf bets are now even more easy to place. New Zealand’s gambling laws are strictly applied, and all online betting sites have to keep to the law. The internet and the online sports books are now easy to access, and everyone either has or has the use of a laptop or smart phone or tablet. It is not necessary any more to travel to one of the casinos or bookmakers to place your golf bets, you can just sit back on the couch and relax while placing your bets. No matter where in the world the golf tournament is being played, the online sports books will let you place golf bets, and often even let you watch the tournament live while you are doing so.

The Four Major Tournaments

Golf is an absorbing sport, a pastime, game or hobby honoured and respected by millions of people, and the fans are enthusiastic and committed. The four major tournaments of the year, the British Open, the Masters, the PGA and the US Open are some of the largest sporting events in the world, and are watched by millions of people all over the world. There are also of course, thousands of golf bets that are placed for each of the tournaments.

Betting on golf carries a degree of difficulty not often experienced in other sports betting, as the differences in the layout of the golf courses can suit some players more than others, and many of the professional players are not always consistent in their proficiency and flair. There can be a number of unexpected winners each week, and golf bets are therefore often associated with luck, as opposed to the status of the player.

Finding a Good Sports Betting Site

When you choose online betting site to place your golf bets at, make sure there is access to the less well known golf tournaments as well as the big famous ones. A good golf betting site will offer bets on the lesser tournaments, as well as the women’s golf games and pro-am events. Golf bets can be placed on the player you think the most likely to win each tournament, or a matchup between two players. The betting site will post matchups on the site, and punters can select which of the two will be the most successful in that particular tournament. Placing golf bets on players will also increase the excitement and interest when you watch the tournament on television. A top class betting site in New Zealand will also offer some information on each tournament, the different odds available and let you take advantage of any bonuses or promotions they provide.

Having chosen a good sports betting site, and ensuring you appreciate all the finer points of the game and having made an objective analysis of the abilities of each player, you should find placing golf bets a great wagering experience.